Urban Water Guard Video

Urban Water Guard

Simply by sealing over a painted or wallpaper area, Urban Water Guard creates a layer which gives the same protection as tiles and provides a duarable surface on all types of walls and floors



  • Apply

    Apply Water Guard to primed plaster, concrete, metal or glass

  • Paint

    Paint Water Guard on any water-based paint or wall-paper to create a seal

  • Waterproof

    Water Guard creates a waterproof layer on the painted or wall papered area

  • Protection

    Water Guard is fully waterpoof, giving the same protection as tiles and cladding

  • Durable

    Water Guard creates a durable surface on all types of walls

  • Resistant

    Urban Water guard is anti-mould, heatproof, waterproof and chemical resistant

Water proofing walls & floors

Urban Water Guard seals and creates a waterproof seal on any water-based paint or wallpaper, can be painted over primed wood, primed plaster, primed concrete, primed metal, glass and wallpaper.

It's also anti-mould, heatproof, waterproof and chemical resistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it waterproof

Yes, the same waterproofing properties as tiling or plastic cladding.

Can I paint it over wallpaper

Yes, you can pick any wallpaper for your shower / bathroom area and paint on the Urban Water Guard, you will then have a solid cover over the top.

How do I fix my shower tray to the wall

You will need a flat wall and cover from floor to ceiling the design you are going for, then paint on the urban Water guard allow for 24hr to dry, silicon the edge of the tray to the wall and then around the top.

Can it be used outside

Yes. prime the wood or metal or even glass then paint with paint colour of your choice, then paint over the Urban Water Guard

Can it be used in a swimming pool

Yes. please contact us before you use on a pool.


I need support

Please email us below and we will be happy to help... mail@urbanwaterguard.co.uk

What type of finish is it.

The finish is between satin and gloss.